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Cover art for The Plateau: More critters

After adding detail to the three birds in this painting, I turned my attention to the remaining animals. Acrylic paint is a really good medium for painting fur and I had great fun with the ferret and wolf. I also painted a small Wyoming toad in the foreground of the painting.

Next up: spending some time on the background sky and rocks. Check back soon!


Cover art for The Plateau: Three Birds

After adding detail to the grizzly bear last week, I turned my attention to the three birds in the cover image, working on them one by one. With each completed image, the whole illustration comes to life just a little bit more.


Cover art for The Plateau: Blocking in color 

Earlier in the week, I transferred a finished drawing to watercolor paper so that I could begin painting the cover art for the upcoming book The Plateau—Voices of the Earth. Over the past couple of days, I've been blocking in color—filling in the white paper with blocks of clear, plain color. I can still see my pencil drawing through this first layer of paint, so that when I start to add detail, I still have my drawing to guide me. Once the first layer of color is added, I can switch to smaller brushes and start adding detail.

Now that the bear is done, I'll work on each animal individually—check back soon to see how they're coming along!


Cover art for The Plateau: transferring the sketch

Welcome to my Works in Progress page. I'll be sharing sketches and paintings as I work on various projects.

This month I'm workng on a variety of projects, one of which is cover art for a novel. The Plateau—Voices of the Earth by Maureen Dudley (Hawk’s Cry Publications, an imprint of Word Keepers, Inc.) will be released in spring of 2013. The cover illustration features animals that are either on the endangered or threatened species list, and appear in the book on a desert-like plateau. 

I started this illustration with a sketch, made some revisions after receiving feedback from the editor, and am now in the process of transferring the drawing to watercolor paper. The next step will be to paint the background sky and block in the basic color. Check back soon for updates.

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